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House of Re-Animator suspended?

Re-Animator.jpgHouse of Re-Animator was shaping up to be something pretty good, then the bad news hits today that it's died a death, or is rather in suspended animation.

Jeffrey Combs announced the news ag FangoCon as it was reported through esplatter.com and AICN.

No more William H. Macy as a brought back to life President, no more reuniting the team behind the originals for the promised trilogy.

"A year ago I would have told you that looks like that's happening," he said. "At this time I'd say maybe the air has gone out of that. ... That's sleeping right now. I don't imagine that will wake up. The problem is the script we wanted to do is very topical."

It's a shame, topical or not surely the fanbase would win through with this project? Surely? I'd love to see the President coming back from the dead...or would I?



LOL. Dude, I sat next to the guy reporting this. Had his laptop out the whole time. I was wondering why he wasn't watching The Combs. He also divulged a bit about From Beyond DVD and the like. You can check that out in my Fangocon article.


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