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IMDB search under scrutiny

JennaJameson.jpgThere's a story going round the Internet that IMDB is censoring adult titles from their database, and specific titles and actors are being hidden from view. Well, it's not that easy to be fair, and I think what they are doing might just be a little bit more sensible.

Typing in Shortbus or Deep Throat doesn't yield any answers unless you've registered on IMDB and selected to display adult titles and performers in your preferences section. Just to clear something up, if you want to vote or add anything to IMDB you have to register, and all it really needs is a working email address.

So there's a big fuss just now about names and titles that aren't appearing automatically in IMDB. Over at Cinematical they've written up a big piece about it all following on various Internet stories and a YouTube complaint from Jay Brannan, an actor from the Shortbus film.

Now I haven't seen Shortbus, but I do believe it shows full on sexual acts. Now I'm totally against censorship, but I don't believe this is. What they are doing is offering a choice to readers, and the default is that you don't see results with adult content. It's something that they've been doing for sometime. I remember last year trying to search for something about an adult film star and not finding it then, and coming across (if you'll pardon the pun) the adult search option. It's not a problem for me as I am a registered user so that I can vote anyway. So register, enable the search and there you go.

The real issue is how the decisions are made to flag content as adult, and what the criteria is. The push seems to be that Shortbus isn't and someone such as Jenna Jameson is. Now I don't know that reasoning, but I would guess that she has been in mainstream films too and not just films classified as adult.

There is, of course, a wider issue with how humanity views sex with those narrowed Victorian eyes, but I don't really believe that's an issue that can be blamed on IMDB.

What would be bad is if IMDB were really hiding these films, and if Jameson's biography appeared with just the non-adult classified titles displayed, however that's not the case. What about the search engines having an adult filter as standard? Is that censorship or choice?

What do you think of the issue? Censorship or a system of choice with an easily accessible full database?



I feel that as long as the information is there to find then there isn't problem.
Like TV programming or internet providers you have a choice as to what type of material you or say your kid are exposed to or watch.


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