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Iron Man armour online?

IronMan_Poster.jpgThere's a possible early look at the armour for Iron Man in the film by Jon Favreau online right now. It's actually a conceptual sketch by a company that is pitching for the work, so if they get it this is how it will turn out.

I guess the really good news is that it looks very similar to the current Iron Man in the comics right now.

You can see the sketch over at ScreenRant where Vic also has the news from IGN that Stan Winston is creating a real life mechanical version of the suit for the film, and that's great news. Like the Silver Surfer they are going to mix real life with CGI to make everything look real. Just remember that there's a fine line in that balance, one which the Surfer may have overstepped.

What do you think, is he looking good? I have, like Vic, high hopes for this film and I've never read Iron Man!



Likewise, I have never read Iron Man but Favreau seems to be approaching this in the right way, and Downey Jr is a brilliant choice for Tony Stark.

As regards the design, I like it. It is very much a carbon-copy of the comic book sketch which is probably what has appealed to me straight off the bat.

Funny how things work... I had heard about Winston working ont he film as nothing more than buzz, but floating it on my site led to confirmation.

I'm lovin' this!


Never read Iron Man either! But since Robert Downey Jr was cast, I am so looking forward to this very much.

WB spidey! ;)

Thanks Simone. Hopefully I can rearrange time so I can get on here a bit more often! Maybe if I had one of them armoured suits.....

We definitely miss your insightful posts spidey, whatever happened to Rynndar, havent seen him here for ages!


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