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James Brown wanted Eddie Murphy

EddieMurphy.jpgApparently James Brown had already decided who should play him if ever a film was made of his life, none other than Eddie Murphy. Well, that's according to Eddie Murphy of course.

"James Brown said to me years ago, 'If they ever do my life, you got to play my story...I said, 'James, if I do you, people will be laughing.' (He said) 'They ain't gonna laugh if you don't try to be funny."

Are his comments from WENN through Hollywood.com. He goes on to say that he probably would be too old to play Brown in his ealier years, he puts it very eloquently.

"I'll be 46 in April and I'm not doin' no splits and no s**t like that, and rippin' my a** out tryin' to make no movie. The split days are gone."

So I think it's fair that Murphy could play Brown in his later years, but I doubt that he could do the young Brown. Any suggestions?



When I think of Eddie Murphy and James Brown I always giggle because Eddie did a parody of him back in his SNL days - so funny! He had this "Hot tub" skit, which was hysterical. I tried looking it up on YouTube so I could possibly share, but came up empty handed.

Murphy has some definite acting chops and can pull off dramatic roles. I haven't seen "Dreamgirls", but I understand he sings in it and sings well.

Although he looks great for his age, I don't know how young he could play James Brown.



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