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Joe Carnahan credits Filmstalker!

JoeCarnahan.jpgJoe Carnahan, the writer and director of Smokin' Aces (Filmstalker review) has devoted a post to the review here at Filmstalker. It seems that the UK critics aren't impressed with the film, and I really can't understand why. It's superb.

Have a look at the review, and while you're at it check out Joe's great blog in which he's really giving a lot out for the readers.

Here's what he had to say about the Filmstalker review which is entitled:


Oh that made me beam. Here's what he went on to say:

My man dropped a fantastic review for 'SMOKIN' ACES' so I must share. I could give a sh*t about what the critics say, but when a blog devotee takes time out to find a few kind words. I must reciprocate.


Check it out!


Now as I said in the comments over at his blog, I really did write my own opinion of the film and didn't pander to the fact I was visting the blog. If I hadn't liked it I'd have still written it. I write it as I see it and feel it.

I do recommend this film, and it's added to the Filmstalker recommends list on the sidebar. Go read why.

Oh, by the way, no updates today as I've just seen Last King of Scotland and guests are arriving for a night of drinking. Expect stories galore tomorrow.



Wow, and I just digged your review too!

It's nice when they do that. So first there was Kevin Smith, and now Joe Carnahan, I wonder who's next? Unless I missed a few others? ;)

Hello Joe! Kudos to Rich here!

top stuff Rich!!
Saw Smokin Aces last night and reviewing it this weekend...
Have been surprised how often our tastes overlap and this is no exception - I loved S.A. too...

Congrats to the shout out, Richard, and much deserved i might add...

...I'm not too interested in smokin aces, but my wife went crazy over the trailer and so I guess i'm looking forward to it by default. It looks like a great premise to a very promising movie.

Matt we do. Have to get together for a pint at some point...and a film!

Mogulus, I think you might really like it, check out the review.

Excellent! Glad to hear it!!


I'm so glad you liked the movie! I'm looking forward to seeing it, myself. I'm going to hold off on reading the review until after I see the movie...that's my usual route when it comes to movies I'm really looking forward.

Kudos on the shout out on Joe's blog. I'm sure it gives your spirits a lift. =)

Thanks Meli. They really are in need of a lift too. There's loads of ups and downs in life, and not just with Filmstalker, and sometimes you just need a wee lift. This was one of those.


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