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Jolie replaced by Weisz in Sin City 2?

RachelWeisz.jpgThere's another handfuls-of-salt rumour hitting the Internet today that Angelina Jolie is out of Sin City 2 and could well be replaced by Rachel Weisz. If you'll remember one of the reasons for the films delay was put down to waiting for Jolie while she was heavily pregnant.

Weisz might well be heading for the title role in Dame to Kill For, the comic which is the basis for the second Sin City film. I think she could easily pull it off. Sure Jolie as those striking looks, but I think at times Weisz has a smouldering and equally naughty look to her. I definitely think she could do it and do it well. I'd fall for her in a heartbeat.

Over at Cinema Blend a source who wishes to remain anonymous contacted Josh and said that they were involved with the production and told him the story. So, as even he says, oodles of salt, this is very firmly marked rumour, but it's good thinking material for sure.

Would you put Weisz in place of Jolie? If not who could play the role of a smouldering maneater who could influence men to kill for her?

Update: 18/01/2007
Seems as though there's another wild rumour flying around today. That Weisz isn't the replacement for Jolie and it's Rose McGowan. FilmIck through Cinematical say that Weisz just isn't sexy enough for the role and that it's going to be McGowan from Charmed and Grindhouse.

Nah, I'm not convinced. As sexy as Weisz, yes, perhaps she's sexier consistently. By that I mean that Weisz changes for different roles. McGowan might be associated with this as she's already working with Rodriguez, but I'm now not so sure if I was replacing Jolie I'd pick either of these women. Would you?



This is good news!! I'm Happy :D
Really Happy .. in a heartbeat .. hehe

It sounds like a smart move to me as Jolie seems to be really busy with the family life and charity work. Which is not a bad thing!


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