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Kidman tells of Others script battle

NicoleKidman.jpgNicole Kidman has revealed how she fought with Alejandro Amenbár for about two weeks over the script of The Others as it was radically rewritten between her accepting the role and returning to start the film after completing Moulin Rouge.

"I read the script and thought, 'Great.' Then I went and did Moulin Rouge. I went back and read the script, and there had been a rewrite on it, and I thought, 'This isn't the film I wanted to make.' I arrived in Spain and in this script, I am hitting a child - and I saw this film as being about a mother's love for her children, not her desire to kill the children. There was conflict for about two weeks between us (Kidman and Amenabar), and we ended up with a great experience together. (Later) he said, 'I am so glad you fought for that.'"

Contact Music carry the quote from a roundtable discussion by The Hollywood Reporter.

I always think it's interesting when actors talk about how they influenced the script, or that there's improvisation on set, and yet they never really say what and where. It always leaves me wondering if they're building themselves up, but in this case it seems pretty real and it's good that she fought for the original script. I think everyone who saw it would say the same.

Still, there's a part of me thinking that would the film have worked if she was the evil one towards the kids and the visitor came to stop her? No, I think the original worked much better.



I agree, the original definitely worked so much better.


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