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Latifah and Keaton remake British TV comedy

QueenLatifah.jpgQueen Latifah and Diane Keaton are getting together to remake the British TV comedy film Hot Money as Mad Money. The original had three working class cleaners in the British Treasury conspire to rob their cleaner and is based on a true story.

The story is being moved to America's Federal Reserve Bank and Keaton's character loses everything and becomes a cleaner there, she will narrate the story according to Production Weekly through Coming Soon. Callie Khouri won an Academy Award for her script on Thelma & Louise and will polish the script and direct the film.

Seems like Keaton's career hasn't really been staying at the level that her name suggests of late, and now a comedy remake with Latifah doesn't sound like she's on the up. Latifah, and I've said this before, can actually act well and yet she keeps choosing these okay comedies instead of pushing herself. I wish she would push herself a little harder.

Note: I wrote this the other day and forgot to post it...the relevance is coming in the next story...



I really enjoyed Diane Keaton's performance in Something's Gotta Give opposite Jack Nicholson and also in 2005's holiday film The Family Stone. I'd like to see her turn in more dramatic roles too but it looks like she is having fun.

Latifah was miscast in Stranger than Fiction and I only really remember her in Chicago. Looking forward to see her in Hairspray though.


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