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Manson and Nolte in King Shot?

MarilynManson.jpgAlejandro Jodorowsky is directing a gangster film called King Shot which two big names are already interested in, Nick Nolte and Marilyn Manson.

Jodorowsky has directed seven films, six of which he wrote, and King Shot is next on his list for both duties. According to Worst Previews Manson is already signed up to play a three hundred year old Pope. Unfortunately, like a fair few stories on that site, there aren't any sources so I can't tell where the quotes actually came from, none the less according to this story the director claims Nolte is interested too.

"...Nick Nolte called me and said he saw a picture I did called Santa Sangre. He said, 'I want to work with you.' I said, 'How can I pay you.' And he said, 'That is not important.'"

He also went on to talk a little about this film:

"It's set at a casino in the middle of the desert and all the gangsters come to gamble. In the desert they find the skeleton of a giant man as big as King Kong,"

Okay, sounds, well, quite bizarre but interesting, especially with Nolte and Manson together. I've no experience of this director's films before but I'm sure we have a few readers out there who have, can you fill us in on his work and what to expect?



I've seen two of his films, El Topo and The Holy Mountain. Jodorowsky once said of the former that "my film is great if you are great, my film is small if you are small". By which logic I am apparently a mound of steaming dog-turd which is unfortunately made only marginally more tolerable with the consumption of a fairly large quantity of alcohol. It's not a fashionable opinion to hold of Jodorowsky, I know, given that he is a legendary cult figure and all that, but I'm getting increasingly tired of seeing surrealism invoked as an excuse for the artist simply refusing to make sense.


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