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McAdams replacing Holmes in Dark Knight?

RachelMcAdams.jpgPreviously on Filmstalker..beep..beep..beep..I talked about the rumour that Katie Holmes role was being recast for Batman Begins, now a rumour appears online that Rachel McAdams might be taking the part.

According to the rumour from batman-on-film.com through Hollywood.com, she is in negotiations for hte role.

Now just bear in mind that the BoF rumours for various roles have been all over the place in the past, Penguin in and out, a host of different actors for Harvey Dent, etc. So this could just be another not quite there rumour.

Even with that though, would McAdams be a good replacement?



I will not hide the fact that I truly love Rachel McAdams, she earned my admiration after I saw her in The Notebook, and I thought she oozed with a lot of class in Wedding Crashers, and of course she showed she can carry a film in Red Eye. This is welcome news because she is not only pretty, but very talented.

Hell yea, totally agree with everything Simone said. I absolutely adore Rachel McAdams. I hope she gets the part, would love to see her in it.

I would love to see McAdams in the next Batman, but I wonder if that means the role of Rachel Dawes is going to be larger with this second installment? Or perhaps McAdams may take the role for a bit of fun.

Everyone loves McAdams. How can you not? I'd take her for the next Batman.

Perfect choice for Rachel Dawes. And, stating the bleeding obvious but, watch Ms Dawes become the next hollywood superstar.


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