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McAvoy would like a Highland Clearances film

JamesMcAvoy.jpgAt the gala of The Last King of Scotland in Glasgow plans were discussed for new films. The director Kevin Macdonald is going to direct a television documentary about Klaus Barbie, the Nazi known as "The Butcher of Lyons", and the superb James McAvoy suggested a great idea for a Scottish film, a subject of much historical contention and one that has been brushed to the side for a very long time.

His comments at the event come through The Scotsman:

McAvoy said yesterday that he has always wanted to make a film about the Clearances.

"It's remarkable that it's never been touched. It's something that's been kind of forgotten, it's been a huge turning point, not only for Scotland but for our society, British society," he said.

"But that's going to take somebody to sit down and write it. Even then, it's not something that you are going to get funded that easily."

In the clearances, that occured in both the Highland and Lowlands, the traditional Scottish way of life was broken and destroyed, people were forced to move and lose their lands and lives at their hands. You can read more about the Highland and Lowland clearances on Wikipedia and also at Scotsman.com.

I would love to see that story, particularly as I am actually a Highlander. There are many, many stories in Scottish history but this is perhaps one of the most emotive and strongest that would be cinematically strong.

What would you think about a film like this, especially if you're Scottish or English, how would you feel about it?



The clearances NEED to be addressed, particularly since many Scots were sold into slavery in the American colonies, because women and children were bludgeoned to death, and because so many people died just trying to escape the fires. It was tragic and barbaric and no one knows about it.

"The lowlander has inherited the hills, the Tartan is a shroud."

Why I missed this topic is certainly beyond me.

Thanks for bumping it! ;)

A great idea when i first started looking into my scotish roots and first found out about the clearances it sprung to mind why hasent a film been made about such an event?

I think it's such a contentious issue, particularly in the UK, that it's just not seen as overly marketable. Personally I think that's wrong.

I am an American granddaughter of an Elder from Inverness. I didn't learn of the "Clearances" until my past visit to Edinburgh in March. I am amazed that the history hasn't been made into any movies. It is fascinating and provocative; the fact that so many were sold into slavery is also truly unheard of here in the states. I would love to see this in the cinema, and think if done correctly, this would add to the rich history of the U.S. as well.


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