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Megatron voice Welker or Weaving?

Transformers.jpgAccording to rumour there's a split race for the voice of Megatron in the upcoming Transformers film, in one corner there's the usual name associated with the character from the original, and then there's the outsider in the other corner, a name you might not have thought about before, but one that might just work.

Frank Welker is the voice of Megatron that everyone familiar with the character will recognise (as well as other characters), and then there's another name being banded around, that of Hugo Weaving.

"Welcome, Mr Anderson". You couldn't hear that, but I did a great impression of him just then...ahem.

According to IESB Welker is only days away from being announced as the voice, but then they received another "studio source", one that says Weaving was also a leading contender for the role.

Well it clearly states was, not is, so I think if the first rumour is true then we're hearing Welker return to the character. To be honest it wouldn't be a surprise if he did as we already have Peter Cullen returning as Optimus Prime, why would they not go straight for Welker?

Still, the Weaving idea is a nice thought, but I don't think they will break the pairing now, do you?



Welker is a professional voice actor - he wouldn't just be limited to using the same voice he used in the old cartoon (altho he could, if that's what the director wants). If Weaving did it, we would just get Megatron talking with Weaving's voice.

So yeah, Welker ftw et al.

I honestly prefer Welker especially since Cullen is returning as Optimus. I'm a fan of Weaving but I'd prefer him not to voice Megatron. In my opinion there is no reason to put "star" voices to the likes of these two animated characters.


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