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Michael Vartan as nightmare serial killer?

MichaelVartan.jpgMichael Vartan, the helpful agent from Alias, may well ditch that image and become a hardened Australian serial killer. In a new film that is.

The film is called Worst Nightmares and already has Lance Henriksen, Greg Kinnear and Bridget Moynahan onboard. According to Starpulse News Blog Kinnear plays the part of a writer who is trapped into incriminating himself in a murder, a murder which is almost identical to six others and also to the victims from his latest bestelling novel.

Was this written by Stephen King by any chance? The added twist is that the serial killer kills each victim according to their particular fear. Now that's a nice twist. You get different deaths each time, and they're going to play on some particularly popular phobias I would think.



I barely remembered him in The Pallbearer, then saw him again in FRIENDS, and with Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed, it would be interesting to see him take on a challenging role like this.


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