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Moore and Kutcher considered Graduate remake!

DemiMoore.jpgDemi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have rightfully decided not to move forward with the planned remake of The Graduate, yes you heard me right, The Graduate. The film with Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft. Frankly I can't even see how they considered it in the first place.

According to Hollywood.com they had considered it, but then binned the idea.

She says, "Real couples being on screen together never seems to work."

Not just that but remaking such a classic film would fall flat on its face, and I think that's the real reason. However it's not really clear how far down the road this was, it could have just been a passing thought or they could have seriously looked at the production. Regardless, let's all heave a sigh of relief!



Yes. Let's find one of the most beloved and well done films of all time and remake it. We can't possibly do it better, so let's make it worse anyway. You know, like we did with Psycho and Planet of the Apes; not to mention just about every remake out there.


Drew, I sense so much fear in you, and rightly so! :D


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