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More 300 marketing

Butler300.jpgThere's now a MyMarketingSpace page for the film 300 which features everything we've seen on the website and the ability for you to join up as a friend and do all those other MySpace things to a totally ficticious person.

I'm really looking forward to 300, but there's nothing in here that really lifts the excitement.

Here's the link for the 300 MySpace site through SuperHero Hype.



Hey Richard, the more I see Lena Headley(Queen Gorgo), the more I fancy her. In fact if my wife looked like her I would give up work and stay home!
Yes! silly schoolboy crush.. BTW have u heard Lena is to play the character "Sara Connor", in a new series based on the "Terminator". Well that will be something to look forward to in the future..

Hey Mike, I know exactly what you mean, although don't let my partner hear that!

I had heard that, and I think that's a strange move for her right now, still, perhaps she's thinking of steady work rather than film career building.


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