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Mr and Mrs Smith sequel?

MrandMrsSmith_Poster.jpgCould Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt be reuiniting to create another Mr and Mrs Smith (Filmstalker review) film? Well from current rumours they might just be thinking about it, although the rumour is extremely tenuous and coincides with the announced TV series which will not feature either of their names.

So where's the rumour from? Well MTV through Cinema Blend say that Jolie and Pitt are looking for an opportunity to work together onscreen again, but the only quote they carry is obviously in response to a question along the lines of "Will you two ever work together?". Her response was:

We were joking before that nobody's going to watch the children if we both go to work at the same time...But, yeah, maybe - if we can find something."

That's it. So they would like to work together again on a film. There's no specific mention of a sequel and it seems MTV have just plastered that onto the quote. It's also amazingly coincidental that the TV series is coming out soon too, and if there's a TV series replacing the main actors would you also want a film coming out with those very same original actors? I think that would clash and compete too much with the series.

No, if there was to be another film I could see it with the TV actors, not with these two unless the series was dead.



Well you know how much I loved this film Richard but even I wouldn't want a sequel. Sounds like a bit of publicity work for the TV series.


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