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New 300 poster and TV commercials online

300.jpgIs 300 trying to out do the Oscar's for news coverage today? They've just released a new poster and several TV commercials online and everyone's covering them.

There's a new poster over at Cinema Blend (I choose them because they're very nice people), and there's also five TV commercials/adverts/spots, whatever you want to call them, over at Coming Soon [QT:WMV:L:M:H:SH].

You know what though? I'm not a fan of the poster and it's down to just one thing, the "Prepare For Glory" plastered across the top. I think just 300 would be enough. However I'm not on the design agency so what do I know? For me it's a bit like that cheesy line from the end of the last trailer we saw...Still, the good pummels the few blemishes.



Talking about posters, I have won 2 posters from Filmstalker competitions so far - for The Departed and The Good German - now winning a 300 poster might just be the icing on the cake.

I agree, that "Prepare for Glory" is unnecessary.


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