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New Hostel Part II Poster

HostelPartII.jpgHostelPartII_Poster.jpgThere's talk that the original Hostel Part II poster is coming under flack from cinema owners who are refusing to display it, and with that there's a rumour that the MPAA certification might be pulled on it, if it does it's great advertising for the film.

With that there's a new poster out and it looks pretty good. Although there's a little bit of blood and flesh in this one, there's no where the amount there was on the original one (that's the one on the left). The new poster comes through HorrorMovies.ca.

It's still pretty cool and if it does end up replacing the other then I think it has a touch more horror than just the slab of meat. Still, if they leave it as a choice then some of the more independent and edgier cinemas might still be tempted. I doubt I'll see it at the local family cinema.



The one on the left looks like it's alive too!


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