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New Jack City sequel

WesleySnipes.jpgWell why not eh? There's a sequel to everything else, so there's no surprise that New Jack City is the latest old title to be marked for a remake, mind you there would be no surprise in any of the studio's back catalogue making it to a remake would there?

Word is that the new film will just be connected in the title only and that none of the original cast are involved, so really there's no need to make a sequel. Doesn't the very word suggest some form of continuation? According to a story over at Moviehole through Jo Blo:

It was originally a spec called “LBC”, from writers Sean O’Keefe and Will Staples – both currently re-writing FOX’s “Fathom”, if I recall correctly – but Warner loved it, and thought they could tweak it to fit, so it got the franchise funkup.

I can hardly remember the original, but I do remember it making an impression with me, a good one that is. With Warner developing a Lost Boys sequel then perhaps this means they are on the L of the back catalogue. What's next?

I guess the good, or bad news is that this is another direct to DVD sequel. Are these films really that much of a money earner?



That's a question I often find myself asking with these films. How much money do they really return? Who's buying them? Cos someone must be, there has to be some money in it or else the studios wouldn't keep turning them out. I can only assume the real money's in rentals...


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