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New searches and sponsors page

So I've spent most of the day working on the site and there's a few new things to look at. All the advertisers are now in one place and easily accessible and there are two new search engines to use.

First up. Sponsors. You can see the adverts on the site and you can click on them whenever you feel like it, the Amazon contextual ads are fab. However what happens when you realise you want to buy a new game, CD, DVD or anything, what do you do?

Well you don't go out and buy it direct from the site. Click on the relevant advert on Filmstalker and you will head through, buy the product for the same price, and help pay for the Filmstalker costs in the process.

So what if you can't find the store you're looking for? Well that's easy now. Amazon is pretty easy to find. Just click on the advert and even if it's the wrong product you can then do a search and find what you want to buy and still help Filmstalker out.

If it's another store just head to the About page where you'll see all the credits for the site, and at the bottom a list of the sponsors where you can easily select a site to buy from.

Then there's the search engines. You'll see that the MT Search facility is still in the upper right of the screen, but now due to MovableType s coding I can only presume, it takes an utter age. However underneath there are two new links, links which you'll also find on the navigation drop down.

Google Site search is a simple Google search page for Filmstalker. Unfortunately it doesn't return as nearly as many results as the MT search, but at least it works faster. You can search the site or the entire Internet on that page.

Then there's the new Filmstalker Co-op search which is a special search created by me. It searches only those film sites that I like to read, respect and have a great style about their writing, and any that don't do honest sourcing and linking of their stories definitely won't get on.

You can even use that Co-op search to look through Filmstalker, just select the Everything at Filmstalker button before the search, or run the Co-op search and then select the refinement marked Filmstalker shown above the results. This second way seems to produce quite good results.

Do bear in mind though that I've just built this and if your site isn't on the list it doesn't mean that you aren't any of the above, it just means I haven't gotten round to adding you yet. Feel free to drop me a note and I'll consider it, you can even join up to be a contributer to the search list, but I think I'll wait before I start that.

So there's two new searches and there's new functionality still to come. Let me know what you think of them, try them out and see how it goes.




Hey, are you not including Screen Rant in your co-op search? :-\


See I knew people would get upset! As I said, work in progress, nothing personal. I just can't remember everyone while I'm racing to get it live.

Aw, I'm not upset. I just thought I was one of your best buds. ;-)

You're like me, a site tweaker... always working to improve it. :-)


You are Vic! With a haircut like that you have to be!! ;)

You're on it now, as well as some other new names.

It searches only those film sites that I like to read, respect and have a great style about their writing, and any that don't do honest sourcing and linking of their stories definitely won't get on.

Good to know. ;)

You da man. :-)

Gotta tell you I love the all the features on your site.

Are they all MT plugins or are you doing a ton of custom stuff?


Yes to both Vic. Most of my job is looking into learning futures and that means web and enterprise 2.0 (I hate those terms) apps. So whenever I see something interesting I trial it, test it, and it may make it to the site long term.


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