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New Severance clip online

Severance.jpgThere's a new clip online for the film Severance, and while most people seem to think it's hilarious, I find myself wondering where the comedy is, and even thinking that a few people might find the scene a little off.

See what you think. The clip is over at The Film Asylum [WMV:Dload] through MoviesOnline. You just need to select Exclusive Clip (MP) underneath the heading of Trailers + Clips.

Well? What did you think? Perhaps it is funny in the context of the film, but it does seem a tad, well, close to the bone.



I'm afraid I laughed. Does that make me a bad person?

The thing is that Severance is not politically correct. It's black humour. Having (literally) only just seen the film today (the DVD arrived this morning) I have to say this is an EXCELLENT movie. Good to see a British movie that doesn't trot out Julie Walters, Hugh Grant and the usual suspects for some luke-warm parochial 'feel good' nostalgic nonsense.

I thought 'Shaun of the Dead' was an above-average British flick that got seriously over-hyped in the British media, to the point that the hype somehow became fact. I've got no such reservations about "Severance" - it's funny, it's scary, and genuinely original all at the same time.

I loved it!

There is a lot of good humour in Severance. It amuses me that they picked the most non-subtle piece to show everyone beforehand. Oh well studios always know best. ;)

Ah, so you saw the scene in context of the whole film where you've probably been laughing at the humour throughout, now I could get that, but on it's own it just doesn't work.

Rich, m8 - you HAVE to see Severance ASAP... It was one of my top 10 films of 2006, and I have a funny feeling you'll like it too.
Am seeing Danny Dyer's next film 'Straightheads' this week - have you seen that yet? Gillian Anderson still looks quite hot although she'll always be Scully to me.
BTW - Happy New Year.

Right, well on that recommendation I'm going for it. I'll move it up the vast rental queue!

Happy New Year Matt!


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