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New Spider-Man 3 pictures online

GreenGoblin.jpgOver at the official Spider-Man site they have some new character pictures from the Spider-Man 3 film, and they're not all sitting about and smiling to the camera. We see the new Goblin full face, Sandman in mid sand punch, Sandman and Spider-Man battling it out, and there's one of the new characters which is one of the aforementioned smiling to camera shots.

The pictures can be found over on the official site by selecting Downloads and wallpapers once the site has loaded. They were found through the ever cool Cinema Blend.

I have to say that the new Goblin is looking cool. Remember the first glimpse we had of him and the negative comments began? Well that all looks to be cleared up now. He does look very cool now post production is complete on his face. Also the punch through Sandman looks very smart. We're well past the poor effects from that original trailer we saw.

Do you like the new style Goblin or not?



looks just fine to me. This is one villain where the design of him really doesn't matter to me that much. What's important to me is that they give his relationship with peter the time on screen that it deserves.

It reminds me of splinter cell


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