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Nicolas Cage talks National Treasure 2

NationalTreasure.jpgSo the title of National Treasure 2 is confirmed, National Treasure: The Book of Secrets, and Nicolas Cage says it's still being written and that the original cast are returning, bar Sean Bean so far.

That's pretty much all he says in the interview of few words over at MoviesOnline.

I'm really not that excited about this film, the first was pretty poor and contrived beyond belief, and I suspect this one will be to. So any feelings I have about poor Bean not being in the film are quickly put to rest by the expected quality of it.

Did you enjoy the first film and are you really looking forward to this, with or without Bean?



I actually quite enjoyed National Treasure more than I did with Da Vinci Code.

To my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed National Treasure, it was a fun ride and most importantly did not take itself too seriously like other lost treasure/secrets movies I could mention. I hope that the sequel, does not get delusions of grandeur and do a POTC 2 on us.

I was expecting the sequel to be called International Treasure but never mind!

(Yes, I was thinking of the film titles "National Velvet" and its sequel "International Velvet".)


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