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Nicolas Cages wants Liberace

NicolasCage.jpgNicolas Cage has been confirmed as the favourite to play Liberace in a new film musical by the screenwriters Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer.

Seltzer apparently revealed all at the Sundance promotion of their current film Epic Movie, a classic in its own right:

"We met with Nicolas Cage last year and he really wanted to star in it; he wanted to direct himself in it too."

Wow, over at IMDB they say that he is definitely in talks for the role.

Liberace was a very talented classic pianist, but he soon realised that his audience preferred when he played pop songs and marches, so he changed his act accordingly and became more and more of a flamboyant showman. In 1953, building to the height of his career, he sold over 2million records. Unfortunately a lot of people remember him for the court cases and his denial of being gay and suffering from AIDS, the complications of which took him in 1987.

A film of this wonderful personality would be a success with his fans, and if there's a big name attached then the chances are that it would capture a much larger audience. Although up against the other musician biographies we're seeing of late does it really stand a chance? That aside, is Cage really going to pass by his incredibly bad films of late and give something good?



Can the guy even sing?

Didn't he try in Captain Corelli's Mandolin and Moonstruck?

I've seen Moonstruck like 100 times and he never sang in that movie.

Okay one down...

LOL @ Rich

Didnt Cage play one of the flying Elvis' in the movie Honeymoon in Vegas? I cant remember if he sang there, but it was a funny film.

No he didn't sing there as I recall. That's a fun film.

He did have a singing bit in Leaving Las Vegas. You can't really hear it in the film, but it's on the soundtrack (one of the best soundtracks ever BTW) and it sounds horrible (though entertaining). Granted though, in the bit he's playing a guy sipping his drink at the bar.

Liberace and Cage have absolultely nothing in common.

For starters: Liberace was a showman and entertained the masses.

Cage does his best(read worst) to act.

Somebody else please take this role, cage will surely just wreck it.


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