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Ocean's Thirteen teaser online!

OceansThirteen_Poster.jpgHere's our first look at all the characters in Ocean's Thirteen in the first little teaser from the film, and I have to say it looks pretty cool. That closing shot is very funny.

Quick quiz, after you watch it can you guess where that line that Andy Garcia says which makes George Clooney roll his eyes is from? Go on, guess, the star and director have been mentioned a few times in the last few days...

You can see the video over at ScoopTube.com [Flash:Embed] which is a very small and poor quality copy from TV, still you can get it, just stay focused on the page until it loads fully.

At least this is better than the poster!



Sometimes I forget what I wrote myself. Thanks to Josh (who was the only one decent enough to point this out) I've realised that I wrote about this back on December 20th, and that trailer was in Quicktime! Doh. Don't I feel a flake now.

And I made a comment the first time you wrote it back then too!


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