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Oldboy remake still on hold

Oldboy.jpgThe remake of the superb Asian film Oldboy (Filmstalker review) has had Justin Lin attached for some time, and even back in May of last year Lin was saying that he wouldn't remake it unless it was perfect, but that right now nothing was happening with the film. Well today he's reiterated that and it sounds like there's no chance this film will get a US remake while he's at the helm.

According to comments in Bloody Disgusting, at a screening of his new film Finishing the Game at Sundance he says that right now it doesn't look like it will happen. He has plenty of other films on his slate that he's working on and that it would only work if everything gelled just right. They say that he loves the original film and he wouldn't want to disrespect it whatsoever.

To me this is great news, and long may Lin be able to hold onto that dream and not let it be remade, but what happens if he's taken off the project? Will it get made without him? I think that could well happen as the studios smell money, perfect original or not.

Have a look at the Oldboy review if you haven't seen the film yet and get it added to your rental queue, it's a cracker of a film.



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