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Oscar pre-nomination analysis

Oscar.jpgThe Oscar nominations are soon to be announced for the 79th Academy Awards in L.A. and frankly I think many of them aren't going to be a surprise.

However, I don't mean that in a bad way, it's because there are some of the possible entrants who are very deserving and have already been winning awards all over the place.

So in under half an hour they will be announced, but until then the BBC have provided a really good run down of who should be up for the awards. It's far too big to quote over here, so to see the complete list and their commentary, head over to their pre-nominations review.

Personally I'm going to hold off on my predictions for the winners from the nominations, rather than try and predict all the nominations, and I think we may run our own FIlmstalker Hotdog Awards, as I tried to last year but never had the chance to complete. Would you be interested in a Readers Awards?



A) Yes. The awards are totally easy to predict who will be nominated this year. There are a couple outside shots, but for the most part these are all locks (mostly the same stuff that was up at the Golden Globes).

B) I definitely think you should hold an awards show for this site. I love that stuff.

C) I also have an awards thing going on. Stop by, Richard, and drop in your nominations as I'm putting up the final ballot in about a week.

D) How do you know what time the awards are at (i.e. "in less than 30 minutes"?) I can't find that info anywhere. I'm up early to write about them and they haven't been released yet.

E) If you do have awards, United 93 better be up for best picture and Ryan Gosling better be up for best actor or I'm never returning to this site again ;)

Ramble on...

Would you be interested in a Readers Awards?

But of course! I remember the last time you did one of these supossed Reader Awards I never knew the results! You can still tell me can you now Rich?

I am heading off to the site now to see this year's Academy nominations.

C) I will!
D) BBC site said so.
E) Well the awards will be done just the same as the last time I tried it (Simone the failure to complete was outwith my control). It was a drawn out process but categories, nominees and winners were all decided by the readers.

Simone - I think I do have the results somewhere, but that wouldn't be apt I think.

I know Rich - was just winding you up. ;D


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