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Patrick Dempsey takes to romantic film lead

PatrickDempsey.jpgPatrick Dempsey has been languishing for some time, so his rise to TV fame in the well loved Grey's Anatomy has been well noticed, and now he looks like he's going to try building the film career back up again.

The bad news is he's plumping for a romantic comedy, and I can just see typecasting plastered all over this. Still, it might just be the first bog foray out and taking advantage of his well liked character on the small screen.

From The Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon come the film details. Made of Honor will see Dempsey play a man who is in love with a woman who is engaged to someone else. She asks Dempsey's character to be her maid of honor and he says yes, but with the idea of winning her over en route to the wedding.

Mmmm...really doesn't excite me at all and I can more or less see the story mapped out before me. What do you think? Well trodden fare for him?



Well for now, he has to do films that will cater on the female demographic them being his major fanbase at the moment, then he can venture to other types of films. Did any of you guys remember him in Mobsters, alonside Christian Slater, Richard Grieco, I loved him in that!


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