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Polo returns to Meet the Little Focker

TeriPolo.jpgThere seems as though there's going to be a third Focker's film as news comes that Teri Polo is set to reprise her role as Ben Stiller's wife in Meet the Little Focker. Oh sweet lord, how long can one joke run?

My, I got a surprise looking for pictures for Polo, what a lovely lady. She asked Robert De Niro about drama versus comedy and he gave her this little titbit:

"I asked him what was more difficult — comedy or drama — and it surprised me when he said it's basically the same thing. It's all in the way you deliver the line."

She says in Yahoo news that she glued herself to De Niro's side to learn as much as she could from him because she didn't know if she'd get the chance again. Well you have, and you might be the only reason to see this film.

I'm sure there are many people out there who find the Focker films funny, I just find it tedious and the humour very cheap.



I liked the first one for what it was. A pretty original comedy not done a hundred times already, and while it wasn't the best comedy ever made, it had its genuinely funny moments.

The second one, on the other hand, was completely terrible. Not even the addition of Dustin Hoffman could save the film from completely stinking.

So that being said, I too have almost zero interest in seeing a third.

On second thought, pretty original, did I just say that? Guy meets girlfriends parents, comedy movie ensues, so ok it was not original at all, don't know what I was just smoking there. But anyway, yea, still 'kind of' liked the first one, completely hated the second.

I only liked Meet the Parents and wasnt that thrilled about Meet the Fockers until I found out that Barbra Streisand (Hello Barbra! I'm you're number 1 fan!) was cast as Ben Stiller's mom not to mention Dustin Hoffman as his dad. Well with their addition to the cast you might think it would be a hoot then would it? Wrong! I mean with the addition of Hoffman and Streisand the writing team should really have played with it more but the story itself felt really contrived and drawn out. I love Stiller, and with the box office success of Night at the Museum let this franchise end with the 3rd installment and move on to do other stuff.

Wow richard, is that like the least flattering photo you could find of polo?

The first film was funny enough. didn't bother with the second film, the third just seems like they are to borrow a phrase, "milking it"

Oh I dunno, I find there's a certain attraction to it.

There were better photos, but they were on copyrighted sites. I don't just take pics you know!


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