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Poltergeist sequel/remake confirmed?

Poltergeist.jpgIs there another Poltergeist film in the works...again? Well according to some sources there just might be. Sure it's been heard before, but back in November was the last rumour and that one seemed to be sticking.

That was until a tough denial was issued from another anonymous source...do you think we're just being pulled around here for a laugh?

"there is NO truth to this...it is all bullshit..."

The talk back then was of a frame by frame remake, something that nobody was really interested in seeing.

Now though, HorrorMovies.ca has a source that can be named. Charles Cohen, presumably this Charles Cohen, at MGM said:

"We are working on a Poltergeist idea, and hope to have some news to announce shortly. Stay tuned."

Well an idea is miles away from a frame by frame remake so that's definitely something. I really don't want to see a remake that just kills the original. In fact I don't want to see a remake at all. Maybe a very strong sequel, but not remaking that classic original which is still quite frightening to this day.



I definitely wouldn't mind seeing a sequel to this series involving different characters of course, but a remake? No way. Leave the original alone - please!


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