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Possible Hannibal Rising sequel

HannibalRising.jpgThe word from the star of Hannibal Rising is that the studio are waiting to see if there is a possible sequel in store, that will of course be decided by the box office returns of this first film.

Warning: I've read the book and it's pretty flat. There's no real tension, suspense or horror in it at all, the character connections are weak and uninteresting, and there's no real Hannibal in there, just a messed up kid who does bad things. Not a great book and it just tarnishes the idea of Hannibal even more.

According to HorrorMovies.ca, Gaspard Ulliel who plays young Hannibal, after asking him about the possibility of a sequel he was very responsive. He said that the studio were waiting to see how the first one did.

The book, which the film is to follow very closely, sees Hannibal and his sister orphaned when war ravages the family estate. He and his sister, as well as other children, are held prisoner by some collaborators who, now the war is over, fear for their lives. They hide out and soon run out of food while winter sets in about them.

Emerging from the forest alone he is taken to an orphanage where his estate once was. His Uncle and Japanese wife take him into their family, and after the Uncle dies he and his widow live together in Paris.

However the horrific events of the past begin to catch up with him and he thirsts for revenge. This is where Hannibal begins to rise.

The answer though is not to bother with the book, which is merely a straight script without much passion or character connection in it, wait for the film and even then I don't hold out much hope.



When I first saw the title of your post, my first thought was "You have GOT to be kidding me." I mean c'mon - is anyone predicting that this movie would do well enough for a sequel? I think that Gaspard and/or his publicist are trying a little too hard and too desperately to drum up buzz for the movie.

Now since you've read the book, I've really got to know: does Hannibal wear a mask in the book or is this a silly convention that the moviemakers have come up with in order for us to make the connection with the character we know?

And if he does do it in the book, does it make any sense dramatically or does Harris just throw it in for the same reason?

I gots to know! Mark it as spoiler content if you feel like it should be, or contact me through Burbanked.

I just gots to know!

Well I thought his comment was quite reserved. He could have sold himself big time but instead he said the studio are looking at it if the returns are good. I could well believe that after everything they've done on Hannibal already.

As for the mask, yes. He wears one for a few brief moments. Lady Murasaki has her father's samurai armour standing on display in a little shrine room, and Hannibal goes in, borrows a sword and at the same time tries the mask on.

That's about it on the mask front though, he doesn't take it outside. In fact I'm really trying to remember if he does actually put it on rather than just study it...

See, that's how interesting the book is!

Only had to read the title of this post to say what I wanted to ... Having read the post my sentiments rements unchanged ...

Oh Dear! They've ruined it ..

See, that's how interesting the book is!

The sarcasm mode is on full power, ladies and gentlemen! :D

I haven't a bit of interest in going to see this movie. From the TV spots I've seen it looks like this story/movie will only tarnish the sadistic eloquence of Hannibal.

I hope someone who has actually seen the movie and has any brains updates this article.

The movie was very good. Maybe the book was flat. I didn't read it. But the movie has lots to offer. There is tons of tension in the movie. Plus the performance of Gaspard was excellent. He is by far the best young, brooding, dark and sinister version of a young sociopath ever portrayed on screen.

You could almost feel his struggle with holding back the demons.

Plus, if you've read / seen all of the other movies, then you know that there's tons of story left in them.


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