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Producers confirm Watts interest in The Birds

NaomiWatts.jpgIn confirmation of the previous story, the producers of The Birds remake have expanded on their previous comments regarding Naomi Watts wanting the lead of the film.

As I previously stated these things can often be gentle nudges in persuading people to do roles, but according to Producer Brad Fuller they have talked with Watts and they have all agreed that they want to make the same film, but they need a scriptwriter and director on board to convince her.

According to Fuller's comments captured by Rope of Silicon from a promotion for The Hitcher, he said:

"No actor or actress is going to commit to everything with a script. We've sat down with her and conceptually, I think, we all want to make the same movie, but until we have a script and a director, I think it's a little premature. But, we'll all talk and she's who we'd like to have as the lead."

So it's confirmed that they have talked, and these more expansive comments do show that she's interested in the role, if the script and obviously the rest of the deal are right.

Seems as though we'll know more in a matter of weeks according to Fuller, but then that will only be who's writing and directing, not the script to give to Watts for her reading.

I think it's a wise move waiting for the script, as I said before these producers aren't really creating multi-layered, complex thrillers, they're giving horror based entertainment, which there's nothing wrong with I just think it's not Watts' level. That said, she would be great in the role and add some levity to it.



For one thing if she can scream the way she did in King Kong she can maybe just do the role.

Wow....why? Didn't they learn their lesson with Psycho?


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