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Raimi looks to Spider-Man 4

SamRaimi.jpgSam Raimi is edging closer to a Spider-Man 4 with his latest comments when asked about a fourth, this time he's saying what would really make him do it and why.

Before he's categorically said no, then he's edged forward to maybe, now he says the following:

"I'm sure they'll keep making Spider-Man pictures...Amy [Pascal, Sony cochairman] told me that she would. I love Spider-Man. And I love working with Kirsten, Tobey, James...But I have to make sure that when I'm done with this picture I'm really still fascinated with the character. At this moment I'm fascinated with him. Whether or not I will be in six months when the movie's done I couldn't say. And I absolutely would not have anything to do with the picture unless I was hungry to tell the story."

The comments come from a Spiderman feature in Premiere magazine highlighted through Cinematical.

Interestingly Raimi makes it clear that he would not make the film without Maguire as the red suited Spidey, and he tells us who might and might not be back.

"I don't know if Thomas and Topher will be around in the next one, but probably Bryce will be."...

...Could Raimi imagine doing Spider-Man without Maguire?
"I'd rather not," he says, and then, "No, I couldn't imagine it."

Ah, well at least we know that if he signs on then it's an all out proper sequel, and if he's not and the film goes ahead, expect an almost complete changing of the guard. Would you see a Spider-Man without Raimi and more importantly see Maguire replaced?



well, without Rami, the story would lose the main feeling that's been pulling folks back for more up until now, so i'd hate to think about them losing him...or Toby for that matter.

But honestly, though I'd not like to see it, i'd give them a chance. there are a lot of talented actors and directors out there. Who knows what would work?


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