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Raimi ponders directing The Hobbit

TheHobbit.jpgThe rumour about Sam Raimi directing The Hobbit has surfaced again, and this one seems much more grounded. It does say that it's far from being an official approach, but that Raimi has been banding the idea around some close friends and colleagues.

Previous rumours had Raimi having been approached for the role, and at the time I was convinced that he would continue with another Spider-Man film. Why would he not after just introducing one of the greatest characters Spider-Man has been up against?

I think I still am, but if this new story is true then perhaps he's seriously considering the idea. After all, couldn't Spider-Man wait a little? That might give Tobey Maguire the space to do other roles and come back to the character that he doesn't look ready to reprise just yet.

From the story in the LA Times:

Sam Raimi has been telling associates, as well as his corporate masters at Sony, that he is thinking of directing "The Hobbit,"...At least two top-level insiders – who declined to be named -- have heard the words out of the director's mouth.

Okay, so it's sources, but come on, top-leve ones! Yes, well I don't know how upstanding the LA Times is, but I would suspect it's better than a lot of rumours we hear. Looking further into it though there's still a major desire for Peter Jackson despite the current court case and ill feeling.

New Line says it doesn't have a deal with the director, and Raimi hasn't met with Shaye or production president Toby Emmerich. More potentially problematic is the fact that MGM owns the distribution rights to the film. An MGM spokeman insists that MGM remains firmly in the Jackson camp: "We support Peter Jackson, and when the dust settles, we believe he is the one who will be making this movie."

Interestingly when I asked you who you wanted to direct The Hobbit, there wasn't a great joy at Raimi:

56% David Fincher, John Waters, Dani Harmer (Shared)
33% Peter Jackson
4% Sam Raimi
4% Zack Snyder
4% Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Not so keen for Raimi to take the helm then, and surprisingly low for Jackson, although the combination of the three at the top may have pipped him to first place.



Oh let him do it then! I just saw Army of Darkness (brushing up on Bruce Campbell more than anything else) and didnt realise he made that film too. I am sure he could do so much more with it too and remain faithful to the source.

I particularly liked how the poll you did on the subject was tied in nicely to this article. Sixth sense perhaps? :D


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