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Razzie nominations announced

Razzie.jpgThe Razzies have been announced and there are quite a few well deserved mentions. Hitting the highest point with the most nominations are Little Man and Basic Instinct 2 which tie with seven whole nominations. BloodRayne and The Wicker Man remake are not too far behind.

Here's the full list, although I haven't seen it I am really surprised at Lady in the Water. Was it really deserving of Razzies? Was it that dire?

Basic Instinct 2, 7 Nominations
Worst Picture, Actress, Supporting Actor, Director, Sequel, Screenplay and Screen Couple

Little Man,7 Nominations
Worst Picture, Actor (2) Remake/Rip-Off, Director, Screenplay and Screen Couple

Bloodrayne, 6 Nominations
Worst Picture, Actress, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Director and Screenplay

Wicker Man, 5 Nominations
Worst Picture, Actor, Screenplay, Remake and Screen Couple

Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, 5 Nominations
Worst Excuse for Family Entertainment, Worst Actor, Supporting Actor, Sequel and Screen Couple

Lady In The Water, 4 Nominations
Worst Picture, Supporting Actor, Director and Screenplay

Deck The Halls, 3 Nominations
Worst Excuse for Family Entertainment, Supporting Actor and Supporting Actress

The Shaggy Dog, 3 Nominations
Worst Excuse for Family Entertainment, Worst Remake and Worst Actor

Well done to them all though, and glad to see Uwe Boll hasn't lost his touch. You can see all the nominations in more detail at the Razzies official site.



Yes, Lady in the Water was that bad. It was one of the most ludicrous and ridiculous films I have ever seen. They pretty much deserve every Razzie they are up for mostly because it thinks it is clever and it is not.


Wow, that is bad. I'll get back to you on this one once I've seen it.

That's very harsh Drewbacca, it seems like I was probably the only one who enjoyed this film.

Anyway here's my review of Lady in the Water:


Told ya.

Oy Peter! ;D


Right, gang up on me all of you!


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