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Robbie Williams to play recovering alcoholic?

RobbieWilliams.jpgRobbie Williams is apparently considering moving from music to film, not surprising really since he does strike you as someone who could so easily become an actor and his latest album isn't exactly the high point of his career.

According to reports he's met with the director Roy Vernon who is filming an adaptation of Nick Charles' book based on his real life, Through A Glass Brightly: The Fall And Rise Of An Alcoholic. Williams has been talking to Vernon and discussing appearing as the lead character, a recovering alcoholic.

The news comes from Digital Spy and sounds rather believable. I could see him making the move to acting, and what better a role than the one he has faced in his own life so publicly?



A lead role for his first feature film, that's brave isnt it? I saw him in 2004's De-Lovely, the Cole Porter biopic, but it wasnt really a stretch for Robbie, singing the film's main theme.

I hate him

Hate is a strong word spidey. :D

Yet it perfectly fits my feelings towards the person in question. :D

Nobbie Williams can't sing, so he might as well become and actor and "not" act as well.


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