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Rush Hour 3 teaser trailer fails

JackieChan.jpgOh dear. The teaser trailer for Rush Hour 3 is out and it's looking, well, not very good. However to be fair I didn't really get excited at the other films, but even those who did are pretty much calling this rubbish too.

You can see the full trailer either over the page (if you're looking at this on the front page, just select the full story link) or just below (if you've come here from a search engine or another link).

"...it’s really terrible...it’s bad...Is that all Rush Hour is? Jackie Chan/Chris Tucker karaoke hour?"

That's what Josh over at Cinema Blend said when he pointed out the trailer to me. So I had a look and the introduction is shocking, I would be surprised if the French weren't a little miffed at that, and then all we see are Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker singing to each other interspersed with cuts of the Eiffel Tower. Whoosh...Whizzz...titles. I'm so teased I could go back to bed...and sleep.

Here's the trailer...

It's terrible isn't it?



Awwwww come on, I thought it was a hoot! Look at how annoyed the French taxi driver was?

In all honesty I've never been a fan of this franchise. I only saw Rush Hour 2 after being harrassed by friends to watch it with them because it's their favorite movie and boy, it took me a long time to warm up to the film. But then surely films like this are meant simply to entertain and not taken seriously, so I will look at it in that angle.

Why would anyone expect this to be good??



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