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Saw IV filming in March

SawIII.jpgSaw IV is apparently set to start filming in Toronto in march, following on from the rumour that teams of writers were beavering away on the film. All this despite the news that the creators aren't really interested in having a Saw 4.

According to a source of MoviesOnline, Saw 4 is going ahead with or without them.

...SAW 4 will begin shooting its horror in and around Toronto in March. SAW 4 will explode into the box office next Halloween...

If the creators aren't involved in this one I will be surprised. Okay, I understand that they might be tired of it and want to move on, but who couldn't resist coming on for a fourth one after that superb ending of Saw III (Filmstalker review)? I think they would be salivating at the idea of carrying on from where they left it off.

IMDB list Saw IV as being written by Marcus Dunstan, writer of Feast, Thomas H. Fenton, Patrick Melton (also writer on Feast) and Marek Posival.

Even if they aren't involved we know this one will be an earner, even if it's poor, and if it's good we can expect to see the franchise continue I'm sure. The question is, can it?



i've got every confidence and NO confidence. I mean, for my money, the Saw films have been more consistent than any horror series since Scream ( still awesome by #3 for me )...but after seeing Saw 3, without giving spoilers away, I've no idea how they would write a new one.

The last film kinda solidified the fact that there WAS NO OTHER GREATER THAN JIGSAW, but you know what happened at the end...so where does that leave 4? No prequels, please. so what?

I'm still ready for it and hope it does get made.

Whatever they decide to do, it'll have to be pretty smart to fit in, but I agree with mugulus in that it seems the scope remaining would have to incorporate either some cop-out or work on some kindof prequel.

Its a good end to a series, but all 3 have been pretty much storywise a step up from each other so I'm going to sit back & hope ..

The one thing I have a vague idea is working is preset traps. Maybe even things we've seen already & how they cause the next level of gruesome games, but whatever they do I'm intrigued as to how they'll pull it off, as I'm sure many others are & in that they already have their box-office taking for next year.

oops i meant mogulus .. (tho i almost typed that as modulus) . apologies fellow filmstalker :)

You know the idea of the presets would work really well. These traps all need set-up beforehand.

However they have to concentrate more on the tension and terror, and the cleverness of the traps related to why the people have them, how they are revealed and how they can get out. The previous two films started to lack that, and the second was the prime example.

Sure loads of traps, but there was nothing else, the only worthwhile trap was the full film arching trap that was a genuine surprise for the audience, and extremely clever. The rest was ooh, trap. Ouch. Ooh, another trap, ouch. Oooh, not enough time for everyone's traps let's just ignore them.


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