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Second trailer for Lynch's Inland Empire

InlandEmpire_Poster.jpgThere's a new trailer leaked out for David Lynch's Inland Empire, this marks the second trailer, the first having been seen in December.

You can see the trailer over the page. It has more freakyness, more bizarre images and dialogue, and what looks like some quite ropey performances. I'm intrigued, but not convinced any more than the previous trailer.

Here's the trailer...

The trailer is hosted at YouTube through Kaizenlog.

What do you think? For Lynch fans I reckon this is like gold, while non-fans may be wondering what the hell is going on. Where are you?



I think Lynch has finally lost it....

Drool. I want this movie now. Seriously.

Absolutely freakin´ awesome. This is gonna be Mulholland Drive to cube.


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