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Seraphim Falls trailer online, Neesom and Brosnan interviewed

SeraphimFalls.jpgThe trailer for Seraphim Falls is online and although it looks a little hap hazard in some of the editing, it does look very good. Alongside that there's an interview with the stars Liam Neeson and Pierce Brosnan which gives us a little insight into the film itself.

First up, go and see the trailer which is playing over at Apple Trailers [QT:M]. I'd recommend having a look as it gives a strong feeling of realism against what looks like an epic tale. A bit like mixing Unforgiven with The Proposition (Filmstalker review)...oh I hate it when people compare a film to others like that, I am sorry.

Also over at Coming Soon they have an interview with the two stars who talk about the film and their research into it. Here's a few interesting excerpts in the rest of the article where they talk about some of the scenes, the harshness of filming in Mexico, the reality of dying of bullet wounds, and the idea of revenge reflected on being Irish. It's actually a very interesting read, and I'd recommend reading the full article.

Brosnan: I was brought up on a stable of the westerns, I just thought this had an elegance to it. I thought David Von Ancken had an assuredness to him, very erudite and passionate about film, he didn't seem to be some egotistical flapper...

...CS: Pierce, you have a particularly memorable scene where you hide in the dead carcass of a horse in order to ambush your pursuers. What was shooting that like?

Brosnan: I was slimed, it was a bit like "Ghost Busters". Wardrobe department came up with this concoction of vomit and slime and eggs and stuff like that. And the old horse was just a fake horse, it was a Hollywood horse that they spent half the budget on...

...Brosnan: It was freezing cold, it was 10 below or something like that, I don't know what it was, but it was up in the thin air of Taos. You look at the photographs of the desperate deaths of boys and men who died on the battlefield you'll find that their clothes are pulled off and that's from the fact that they're about to die and they're looking for the bullet that found them. Most of them would search, just pulling their clothes off and just die...

...Neeson: I've ruminated a lot, meditated a lot on revenge because I'm from the North of Ireland and a child of the '60s and '70s there and was surrounded by violence most of my adult life. I wasn't involved in it, thank sweet God, but I knew men who were and the idea of revenge or trying to right a wrong that was done 400 years ago just seemed anathema to me. Yet I respected these people's passion for what they're committed to. The idea of dying for your country… the hardest thing to do and the bravest thing to do is to live for your country, which I wanted to do. I'm very proud to be Irish but I certainly wasn't going to pick up a gun and kill a fellow Irishman or anyone else to prove my love for my country...

...Brosnan: Liam is a huge reason why I wanted to do this film. I think he's such a magnificent actor, he has such a dignity and presence like no other. He's a fellow Irishman, I thought the sweet irony was Liam is from the North, I'm from the South, the roles get reversed here.

I have such respect for these two actors, particularly Neeson. They are intelligent people and not afraid to speak their mind or what they believe, plus they are cracking actors when they're put in a decent role, and this film might just be that for both. What did you think of the trailer?



Richard, this has to be my second must see movie for 07. A good western and a piece of ribeye steak...What a way to end a friday evening!!

Hail the Irish!

It's looking very good!


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