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Smokin' Aces beats Epic Movie

SmokinAces.jpgJoe Carnahan has just broken the news on how well Smokin' Aces (Filmstalker review) has done over in the US, and it's good, not only that but revised figures have come through on the battle with Epic Movie, and Joe's rather happy.

"14.5 million on 2200 screens...Apparently, the folks over at 'Epic Movie' over-reported their box-office and it's actually lower. Ours on the other hand, was under-reported and we are in the 15 million range. Also, WE WON SUNDAY. We were the top film yesterday..."

It's rather refreshing reading Joe's blog because he talks like a real person, a person who has created a work that he's really proud of and is really something personal. So when people don't get it, and much more than that, rip it to shreds, he gets upset and angry. I actually respect that because he's showing some real emotion about his work. He also has tons of praise for his fans, which again I really like.

That said, critics aren't liking him, and I wonder if I saw a different film to everyone else, because I genuinely loved it, and there were flaws, but so much more made up for it. Perhaps it just caught me a the right time and the right frame of mind. Regardless, it's picking up and doing well.



I was more than a little underwhelmed with Smokin' aces. It fell through the cracks between, on one hand: do I care about these characters(i didn't); and on the hand was the movie fun or funny (not really). The movie was a mess, didn't have much to say, and was a bit lacking in the entertainment department. Over Editted and under written.

I love Narc to death, and I was a big fan of Carnahan's BMW short, "Ticker", but this is third-rate Guy Ritchie wankering...Sadly disappointing...

Well maybe it's because I hadn't seen Narc that I loved it so. I honestly really enjoyed the ride.


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