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Smokin' Aces full screenplay online

SmokinAces.jpgJoe Carnahan has released the draft of the Smokin' Aces screenplay which secured the deal with Universal and you can now download it and read it in its entirety.

On his blog, Joe points out that there are a lot of differences from the finalised film, including a different ending. Superbly though they did shoot the script ending too, and he tells us that will end up on the DVD, fantastic.

You can download the script [PDF] directly from Carnahan's site, or you can head over to the official blog entry and let him know your appreciation for releasing the script.

I'm swithering as to whether to download and read it or not, after all Smokin' Aces is looking so good I'm not so sure I want to overly spoil anything by reading the script and filling my head with my own images of the story. I might wait until after I see it to read it.

How do you feel about reading screenplay's for films? Is it something you like to do? Not interested at all, or perhaps you are interested but just don't want to spoil things?



downloaded - will be reading it at work 2moro ;)


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