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Smokin' Aces title sequence online

SmokinAces.jpgHere's an unusual thing, the opening title sequence for Smokin' Aces is online for your viewing pleasure, and it's pretty cool. It kind of reminds me of a the GTA videogame opening to begin with, then it takes on a nice feel of its own.

You can see it over at the site of the company who made it, VooDooDog found through Jo Blo, and a very cool site it is too. However I can't deep link to it, so from the main page scroll around the superb navigation animation, select Title Sequences, then Smokin' Aces, you'll be fine from there on.

I honestly can't wait for this film. Could it be a big surprise for 2007?



Quick Link to title sequence:

URL link: [url]http://voodoodog.com/smokin_aces[/url]


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