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Sophia Bush as Wonder Woman?

SophiaBush.jpgCould it be true, could Sophia Bush the star of The Hitcher remake be in the running for Joss Whedon's Wonder Woman?

Well it's been a long time since we had a Wonder Woman rumour, and perhaps this is another case of an actress (or actor) tryinig to get themselves in the running for a part by helping a rumour along, then again.

According to a conversation that IESB had with Bush at a press junket, she is either helping the rumour along or has already been talked to about the role.

IESB: So have you auditioned or has anybody talk to you about Joss Whedon’s Wonder Woman?
Sophia Bush: Maybe, we’ll see.
IESB: So you have talked to somebody about Wonder Woman.
Sophia Bush: Maybe, we’ll see (smiles)
At this point Sophia is all smiles and would not answer anything else about the subject...

I'm seriously on the side of her being clever about her career and profile, hey we all do this kind of thing at our own jobs to push ourselves a little further forward in the limelight and perhaps get noticed a little more.

Yet when you look at her she might just do it. Beautiful, dark, sultry, tall...well? What happens when you put her against all those other names Rachel Bilson, Priyanka Chopra, Charisma Carpenter, Morena Baccarin, Jessica Biel, etc, etc?



Hey Richard, don't forget about my babe Lena Headey. I think she would make a wonderful wonder women!!!! She certainly got the figure for it...

Well she is almost 6ft tall, very athletic, a few big tattoos though. Is she curvy enough for the role, or is Whedon going to make it athletic more than the busty TV original?

I think she might work, good choice Mike.

Richard WW is suppose to be an Amazon Princess right?? So she should be lean and mean, not busty like a Miss Universe..Lena would look great in that costume, I could just picture her. "time for a cold shower now"!!!

I was just comparing with the original TV series character...

I may be getting off the point, but couldn't they incoporate ALL of them into the film? and some jelly.... oops, little bit to cheeky :)

Seriously though, Wonder Woman will not require 'intense' acting, so getting the look just right is more important.

My vote is still for Kate Beckinsdale. But I know she's not going to do it. Sigh...

Drewbacca, it's Beckinsale. ;D

I can't see Sophia Bush playing WW. She's pretty and does fair on TV show One Tree Hill, but I'm 'eh' about the prospect of her playing WW. However, if it came down to her or Jessica Biel I'd go with Sophia most definitely!

Eh? Meli, I couldnt stop laughing trying to imagine your facial expression. :D

For the life of me I dont know why I dont like Jessica Biel either.


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