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Stalked: Cobain film, Steve Martin's life story and Suck City

SteveMartin.jpgThree interesting projects have been announced. The first authorised Kurt Cobain film might be in its early stages, Steve Martin is writing his life story, and Another Bullshit Night in Suck City has a film deal.

Courtney Love has bought the rights to Heavier Than Heaven, the Charles Cross written biography on Kurt Cobain's life according to MSNBC's Access source. Now several studios are in discussion with Love to turn it into a film. A Love fan site has quoted her as saying that the project is in an embryonic stage and that there's no one attached to it as yet.

Steve Martin is going to write his autobiography as a novel and as yet there's no word on if this will be turned into a film, but if they can make a Pink Panther sequel you can bet they can do this. According to Variety this book will pave the way for a follow up, how? Well he's only writing for his days as a standup comedian and it stops when he becomes a filmstar. Having sold this for allegedly a six figure sum, you can see how a two part story would help the bank account.

Another Bullshit Night in Suck City by Nick Flynn has just been bought by Fox 2000 according to Variety. Flynn's award winning memoir tells the story of an aspiring author who is a case worked for the homeless and meets his self-destructive and homeless father as one of his cases. Anyone read it and care to tell us something more?



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