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Stalked: Garner, Fishburne and 1408

JenniferGarner.jpgJennifer Garner is to join Jason Reitman's next film Juno which will also star Ellen Page, the girl from Hard Candy (Filmstalker review). Page plays a girl who gets unexpectadly pregnant and is looking to give the baby up and Garner plays the woman who wants to adopt the baby. Doesn't really sound too comic yet, although Reitman will definitely bring that to it. The story comes from Variety through Rope of Silicon.

Laurence Fishburne, now there's a great voice and acting talent, is reportedly in negotiations for 21, the film of the book Bringing Down the House: How Six Students Took Vegas for Millions by Ben Mezrich (which I'm just about to start reading). The story is based on true events where six MIT students developed a system to win at Vegas casino's and took them for millions. According to The Hollywood Reporter through Rope of Silicon, Fishburne, if signed up, will play a security chief who hunts them down. The film is directed by Robert Luketic who is responsible for much lighter fare.

1408, has just had its release date moved from May 18th to July 13th, which isn't a good date according to Bloody Disgusting. It's directed by Mikael Håfström who brought us the pretty strong story of Derailed (Filmstalker review), and stars John Cusack, Samuel L. Jackson and Mary McCormack in a film about a professional paranormal debunker who finds genuine terror in room 1408 of a hotel.



I love John Cusack! ;)


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