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Stalked: Halloween, Mist, Ron Howard and Christian Slater directing

Halloween.jpgThere's some more news on the Halloween remake casting, The Mist casting, Ron Howard gets The Emporer's Children and Christian Slater wants to direct!

Udo Keir and Kristina Klebe have joined the Halloween cast making it a well rounded and incredibly horror fan centric group of actors. The latest announcements come from Rob Zombie's Halloween blog.

The Mist, Frank Darabont's next film and Stephen King adaptation, has gained two new names. According to The Hollywood Reporter through UK IGN, Andre Braugher and Laurie Holden have been signed up, Holden will play the female lead and Braugher plays Thomas Jane's neighbour who shares a frictional relationship with him.

Ron Howard is looking to the adaptation of the novel The Emporer's Children by Claire Messud as one of his next projects. According to Variety through Coming Soon the book is about:

...a comedy of manners set in New York in the months before and following Sept. 11, 2001. Three Brown University-educated students, raised in upper-crust surroundings and expected to do something important, hit 30 while still struggling to fulfill that promise.

I hope it's more exciting than the dullness of that story sounds. Right now he has East of Eden, from the Steinbeck novel, and Angels & Demons on his slate.

Christian Slater has said that he's planning his directorial debut after being spurred on by his friends such as Emilio Estevez who has just delivered Bobby. According to Worst Previews who give no source for the quote other than Slater saying...

"I'm inspired by Emilio and Anthony being actor/directors, so I've written something that I'm working on directing in the future. It's called 'Love Stories Are Too Violent For Me,' and it's an homage to a lot of films and a lot of actors that I love."

Well he can't be anywhere near as bad as Uwe Boll so I'm sure he's going to do a better job than Alone in the Dark!



I also heard the other day that Howard is remaking East of Eden and is on the lookout for the actor to reprise James Dean's character DiCaprio perhaps? ;D

I am on board with any project Christian Slater will be involved in, I love that man!


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