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Stalked: Kidman in Hole, A Subtle Knife, Patrick Wilson and The Tingler

NicoleKidman.jpgToday's announcements are Nicole Kidman will produce and star in Rabbit Hole, screenwriter begins His Dark Materials: The Subtle Knife, Patrick Wilson is a Passenger, and there's a rewrite of The Tingler horror.

Nicole Kidman is set to star in and produce a film called Rabbit Hole which is a adaptation of David Lindsay-Abaire's Broadway play of the same name. According to Variety through Coming Soon, the story goes:

The story concerns a happily married couple whose lives are disrupted after an unexpected tragedy and the intensely emotional, redemptive journey they must undertake to regain happiness.

Has anyone seen it to comment on the play?

The next film in the His Dark Materials saga is already underway, on paper at least, as news comes from Variety through Coming Soon that Hossein Amini who has previously written Jude, The Wings of the Dove, The Four Feathers and Killshot, will be writing The Subtle Knife.

Without revealing too much, this one has the lead character of the first film, Lyra, meeting up with a young boy Will Parry who is fleeing from the authorities for killing someone to defend his ailing mother. So the saga continues and we're just about to see some stills of the first film.

Patrick Wilson is the guy who rose to fame through Hard Candy (Filmstalker review), and he's just been announced as starring in the film Passengers, directed by Rodrigo Garcia and starring Anne Hathaway. It tells the story of a counselor, played by Hathaway, who helps six plane crash survivors. The survivors start disappearing mysteriously and she suspects a conspiracy and heads out to find the truth. Sounds interesting, and another strong outing for Wilson. From Yahoo News.

The Tingler story caught my eye on Variety through Coming Soon, where we hear that Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan (the guys who wrote Feast and are rumoured to be writing Saw IV) are rewriting the script. This is a horror film where the mad scientist (aren't they all) can kill people by scaring them to death. It's being remade from the 1959 horror film starring Vincent Price.

I have to ask why you would want to remake such a classic film with such an aged plot.



Rich, you better watch the film version of The Phantom of the Opera, Patrick Wilson was there, not to mention Gerry Butler, and Ciaran Hinds. You wont feel so guilty enjoying a musical then. ;)

I have watched it!

Oh no! Why havent you done a review? Or have you become a closet Phantom fan? ;D

No, it's just that I see so many films that I've been guilty of losing reviews. Honestly, I've written them up and forgotten all about them.

Actually I used to have them in a black book (before I got my Windows Mobile) and I lost the book for ages - just found it so I'm expecting to find a few lost reviews in there.


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