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Star Trek XI script surprise

StarTrek.jpgRumours about Star Trek XI continue, and while I find it hard to believe that the J.J. Abrams camp has let slip a few opening pages of the script, the old "source close to the film" has come forth and done just that.

I'm not entirely sure if I believe this, and it sounds like diversionary tactics to hide what could really be going on, but perhaps not. The idea sounds Abrams enough in that it's very complicated, but I just can't see him letting the script slip like that.

Still, over at IESB they say they've seen some opening pages and that Captain Christopher Pike, the first Enterprise Captain from the pilot episode of the original Star Trek series, Scotty, Captain Kirk and Spock are all going to appear in this film. How you ask? Well, a jumping timeline.

According to their reading the timeline is non-linear and leaps about. It does sound complicated enough for Abrams, but this would mean using stock footage of characters and spicing it up, which is entirely possible, but I don't know how it could work.

Nope, I still don't feel right about this. There's no looking back. That crew and that ship were of a time and should be remembered and celebrated, but everything has moved on since then. How do you feel about the truth of this and, if it's true, the direction it's going in?



I cannot think of a concept quite a silly as this one. I blame the success of the Enterprise "C" episode of the next generation for putting the 'lets fuck with time' as their dramatic crutch. That episode was good but they never should have messed with that again, and now there are somewhere on the order of 30-40 shows (admittedly including an TOS episode and Star Trek IV which both messed with time before the above mentioned ST:TNG episode).

Silly Really, this kind of blatant pandering will fail, much like ST: Generations.

Funny, Generations is my favourite ST movie by far, and bringing Pike to the plot gets me more excited than a bear smelling honey.

Or is it a honey smelling bear?

I think a honey smelling bear is just plain rude! ;)

Generations for me wasn't a great film. I keep saying it, a total break is needed, nothing less.

If I have to sit though yet another ridiculous jumping timeline or time travel Star Trek story, I'm writing off this franchise for good. I mean it. The characters mentioned aren't even an issue for me. If they really want to breathe new life into Star Trek, then stop with the f#*@ing time travel.

It didn't work the first fifty times they tried it, and it sure as hell won't work now.


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