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Studios agree film download system

PCScreen.jpgThe torment of the Studio protecting films downloaded over the Internet may be at an end as they discover a new protection system that works and they seem to be all signing up to it.

This is good news for the consumer, until you read on. The system is called Qfix and uses the pre-existing CSS protection system which studios have been reluctant for CinemaNow Amazon's Unbox and Movielink to use because of their piracy fears.

Now though Qfix has been in use for a small service and it appears that it's working well enough for the studios to sign up to it.

Qfix uses the electronic key that is already within your DVD drive to unlock a digital key on the DVD disc. The problem is that to place the key on the disc you need new DVD's and Burners, so it's not quite home technology just yet.

However there is a way through. According to the story in Yahoo Movies, special kiosks could burn the discs for customers, some burners can have a firmware update applied, and a Qfix partner, Plextor, is already looking at producing a USB DVD burner that produces the new format.

I think the kiosk idea is an interesting one, so long as they load them with content, or even provide an internet connection direct to wads of films, but they really need to break the home consumer market and get going.

For the consumer though, you're going to be stuck with Windows Media System and the opportunity to burn the content no more than twice.

All in all, is this a system you would use at home?



Let me think about it...ahh....NO. :)

This is a great idea. I am sick of waiting months and months for a film that has been released to reach DVD(or other formats) so i can fully appreciate it on a home cinema system.

Am over relying on noisy cinemas with over inflated prices, unless the movie is super special.

Whether system works is in a small way irrelevant. The fact the the big-boy studios are trying to think outside the box is the good news.

As for those of you who think you are above paying for films, well its about time you credited people for their hard work. If you don't like the film then don't watch it, just don't steal it either.

I'd like to see a pay for movie based on its QUALITY system implemented(how the hell would you do it? don't know)

But if it was used against movies like the recent complete-piece-of-crap pnik panther, then i think the movie may have struggled.


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